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The Japanese Universities and the IB Diploma In 1979 the Japanese government officially recognised the IB Diploma. The Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Culture (Monbusho) notified all Japanese national, local public and private universities that IB Diploma holders who have reached the age of 18 were eligible candidates for university admission. Students who meet the prerequisites set by the university and those who pass the university-specific entrance examinations would gain admission to enter universities in Japan. In 1990, the Monbusho introduced the new national examinations administered by the National Center for University Entrance Examinations. Individual universities are expected to make an overall evaluation of the applicants' abilities based on the results of these examinations together with school transcripts, recommendations, interviews, essay examinations, subject achievement examinations, and practical skills examinations. All national and local public universities and many private universities require the National Center Examination results for the selection of their candidates. However, most of these universities exempt the IB Diploma holders from having to take the National Center Examinations. Out of a total of about 600 universities in Japan just over half of the universities offer special selection procedures for students who return from overseas. IB Diploma holders qualify to be screened through special selection procedures offered by about three hundred universities. In many cases, universities offer special screening procedures to returnee students who have been enrolled in overseas senior high schools for more than two years, or to students who apply for university entrance in Japan within two years following their return to Japan. The universities give due consideration to applicants' abilities and aptitudes by using different selection methods, such as short essays written in Japanese, and interviews. Since there are university-specific prerequisites and thus the details of these procedures vary according to universities, the IB Diploma candidates who are seeking admission to Japanese universities should contact the admissions offices listed below and obtain the university-specific information regarding these prerequisites and application instructions. All the national, local public and private universities which offer special screening for the IB Diploma holders according to the Kikoku Shijo no Tame no Gakko Binran '98 are listed below. Appreciation is expressed to the Foreigners' Education Office for providing pertinent information on Japanese universities. Special appreciation is also extended to the Japan Overseas Educational Services for its permission to quote from its publication "Kikoku Shijo no Tame no Gakko Binran '98".

IB Asia-Pacific Regional Representative for Japan Mrs. Kyoko Bernard Regional Representative for Japan Yokohama International School 258 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0862 Japan Tel: 81 45 622 0084 Fax: 81 45 621 0379

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