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St. George Academy

School Profile:
Students, aged K-8
Core Knowledge Curriculum
Child centered education
Digital 1-1 classroom
Mentoring programs
Strong sense of family and community
Music and art enhanced lessons

201 Fuso Heights 1 
29-23 Imaike Minami, Chikusa Ward 
Nagoya , Aichi 464-0851
Ph: 052 735 8959,

Child Centered Education
Child Centered Education At St. George International Academy we believe that every child should be recognized as a unique individual with strengths, abilities, personality traits, learning styles, interests and needs all their own. Our students are empowered to develop to their maximum potential through carefully developed individual education plans built around the internationally recognized Core Knowledge Curriculum. Our high teacher to student ratios, very small classes, and mentoring programs provide a positive learning environment. We foster each child s strengths while encouraging and nurturing self confidence, self respect, social responsibility and a life long love of learning and personal growth. Our program stimulates students to develop initiative, maturity, resourcefulness, organizational capabilities and social and study skills that will enable them to excel in future education challenges and in adult endeavors. We give children the opportunities they need to achieve their highest individual potential while enjoying the experience. 
Understanding the Individual
Understanding the Individual Child centered education starts with developing a comprehensive understanding of each individual student. At St. George Academy we use an ongoing process of interactive evaluation to develop a comprehensive understanding of each child s unique gifts, personality traits, learning style, educational, emotional, physical, and social needs. With this knowledge we develop a Personal Education Plan (PEP). The Personal Education Plan is matched to the Core Knowledge Curriculum to ensure the balance and breadth of the material being taught. This in conjunction with standardized testing also makes a St George education fully compatible with most educational bodies in the United States, Canada and many other countries world wide. These factors are then very carefully considered in consultation with the parents to develop an educational plan that addresses the needs of each child and family. 
Our Learning Enviroment
Our goal of individual excellence and empowerment is supported by an environment of that focuses on inquiry, discovery, experience and learning. Intellectual exploration is natural and when nurtured and supported becomes a life long pursuit. At St. George's Academy classes are very small with usually less than 10 students a teacher and teaching assistant. This arrangement provides for optimal student teacher contact and peer interaction. In addition we build a strong sense of community by using multi-age learning situations to contribute to children's social and emotional development. Through the use of cooperative learning in the multi-age environment children more easily gain leadership, communication and conflict avoidance and conflict management skills. We embrace all cultures and faiths and work to develop understanding and tolerance among all people through exploration and cooperation. 
Core Knowledge Curriculum
The Core Knowledge Curriculum is sequenced guaranteeing consistency and continuity proving rich and engaging content knowledge built upon a strong and ever growing foundation. The curriculum has a proven and tested record of success. A recent study by Johns Hopkins University showed that  Core Knowledge students learned more advanced language arts, science, and social studies topics and skills than did their non-participating peers.  The study also concluded that schools that use the Core Knowledge Curriculum are more likely to show increased levels of academic achievement as well as higher levels of teacher and parental satisfaction. The Core Knowledge Curriculum taught at St. George is accepted by most states and taught at over a thousand public and private schools in the Unites States and abroad. It also meets the requirements and standards of many educational bodies world wide. 
1-1 Digital Classroom
In a 1-1 Digital Classroom learning solutions are available at each student s desk. The wireless network puts them in immediate contact with daily lessons, internet research, as well as collaboration with teachers and classmates both in the room and around the world. Digital classrooms do not replace traditional learning but rather enhance it and help students acquire the technological skill set required in todays digital world. In short students in a digital classroom get more access to learning and more time to learn. Research studies show that 1 to 1 learning has contributed significantly to an increase in student engagement and overall improved academic performance. Recent independent research has shown improvements in reading, math, language skills, and overall literacy. For more information, reports and published evaluations on 1-1 Digital Classroom Schools please visit or call us at 052-735-8958. 
Teachers from Canada, Finland, Kenya and the United States
At St. George Acdemy K-8 and Tree House International School Prechool and Pre-Kindergarten we are committed to providing a positive, co-educational, non-denominational, interfaith, internationally minded learning environment. 
Through sequenced, individually focused, dynamic, and engaging personal education plans (PEP) we will encourage students to develop a life long love of learning and develop the academic and interpersonal skills needed to meet their future challenges with confidence and success. 
Through experimentation and exploration we will show students the complexity and wonder of the world they live in, developing a love of inquisition and reason. 
We will foster a strong sense of family, community, and global awareness as well as self-esteem and self worth. 
We will not neglect the value of faith and hope and the importance of incorporating them into our daily lives. 
Our ultimate goal is to prepare our students for a balanced life full of opportunities and unafraid to challenge themselves and the world around them, unafraid to always do their best and confident that they have value and worth as individuals and as a members of our local and global communities.

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